BigFoot Silva thinks Josh Barnett is ‘scared’ of him

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“I woke up this morning and saw his interview,” Silva told “He’s giving excuses because he’s scared. That’s the word. He says he won’t fight me because he doesn’t want to give me name and money with this fight, but the truth is he’s scared.

“I think he should take a look at the rankings. I’m ranked at no. 4 and he’s no. 5. The last guy that beat him got knocked out by me.”

Barnett used the F word when referring to “Bigfoot” in the interview, which added more fuel to the fire.

“He crossed a line with his words in that interview,” he said. “It was unprofessional, but it was good because he gave me another reason to train hard. I was so pumped up this morning that I went to the gym and trained even more. That’s how I like. If he wasn’t educated by his mother, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

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