Andre Arlovski vs. Schaub booked for UFC® 174

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Damon Martin via Fox Sports

“My manager called me and I was actually on the beach doing a recovery workout and he goes ‘I got some news for you’.  He goes ‘it’s a big one’ and I knew the Mark Hunt stuff, Mark was dragging his feet and they wanted to wait till August or September so I was like who do we got?  He goes ‘Andrei Arlovski’ and you got him June 14,” Schaub told FOX Sports on Friday.  “I couldn’t be more excited.  Andrei and I have trained together before, he trains at a world-class level. For me it’s a legend, it’s a world-class fighter.  We’ll definitely be the talk of UFC 174.”

As disappointed as Schaub was that he didn’t land the fight with Hunt, hearing that he was getting Arlovski instead was like waking up on Christmas morning to find the house filled to the brim with presents.  Schaub looks at Arlovski as one of the true icons of the Octagon, and in name value alone this is a much bigger fight than the bout he was gunning for with Hunt.

“So I shot for the stars and I landed on the moon with Andrei Arlovski.  He’s a bigger name than Mark Hunt.  He’s a legend. It’s like them calling up and saying you’re pitching against Bo Jackson, he’s one of the greats,” Schaub said.

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