Uriah Hall amazing KO, LEARN THIS NAME!

Uriah Hall kos Adam Cella gif

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UFC President Dana White also added some insight on the Underground:

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i said one of the nastiest in 13 years. Etim, Telligman, Tanner, Martin, Salmon and now add Cella.  He was out for 4 minutes, on the stool at 6 minutes and in the ambulance at 9 minutes.  Brutal KO.  Ask anyone who was there live.

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“That’s my favorite technique,” Hall said of the kick. “… It’s a little bit of an unorthodox move. If you have good speed and good whip, you can catch someone, and it’s really deadly. I love to use that technique, and just from being in the ring with him, I’d seen how he would drop his hand a little bit.

“I had the chance and I capitalized on it and I took it.”

“I’m just not used to that [attention],” Hall said. “I had to duck some people. I had to go into the bathroom and just wait there. One of my friends came in and said, ‘Hey, they all left. You can come out.’ Overall, it’s been a great experience and I’m loving it, but I still have to get used to this.”

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