UFC working on new glove to prevent eye pokes

Dana White discusses plans for new Glove.

Source | MMAJunkie.com

“We actually have started to work on a new glove that actually curves your hand,” UFC President Dana White said Tuesday during an appearance on ESPN 710-AM in Los Angeles. “Like the glove is curved like a ‘U,’ so you can still open your hand, but your fingers don’t point straight out.”

“Let’s say you had gloves with fingers on them, you could still poke people in the eye with them,” he said. “With a boxing glove, they used to have problems back in the 70’s and maybe early 80’s with guys getting thumbed in the eye. Those old Everlast gloves used to look like a lobster claw, and guys used to get thumbed all the time, then they made the attached thumb to it. I just don’t know how you would do it in MMA with the grappling.”

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*Here are a couple reasons that something needs to happen.

Alan Belcher Eye pokeAlan Belcher eye poke by Michael Bisping

rich franklin eye

Rich Franklin courtesy of Hendo

Wagner Prado eye poke

Wagnor Pradoanthony johnson eyepokeAnthony Johnson

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