T.J. Grant jnured and out, Pettis steps in against Bendo @ UFC 164

Source | MixedMartialArts.com

T.J. Grant had been scheduled to fight Benson Henderson for the UFC lightweight title at UFC 164 on Aug. 31 MIlwaukee’s Bradley Centet. However, Grant has been injured, and has been replaced by Pettis.

Grant revealed via social networks that the injury was a concussion, suffered during BJJ practice.

“I suffered a concussion in training and it’s taking a little longer than I expected to heal,” said Grant via Facebook. “I am making improvements everyday and should be back to training soon I hope. Thanks everyone for your concern, I’ll be back 100% and will be looking to get my hands on whoever has the gold.”

Grant continued via Twitter, addressing the tinfoil hat set, who saw a conspiracy in there, somewhere.

“Sorry all you conspiracy theorists,” said Granbt. “@danawhite / @ufc did not and could not pay me any amount of money to step aside.”

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