Rony Jason throws fit after loss, needed 22 stiches

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When Jason entered his locker room, he punched himself in the face twice and smashed a door with his elbow, leading to injuries that needed 22 stitches total.

“I hurt my elbow, but I’m okay,” Jason told on Monday. “I was crying, angry with my loss, and I landed my elbow on the door. It’s hurt, but didn’t break any bones. I was just devastated at that moment.

“I’ve trained for a long time for this fight. I was undefeated for four years. Unfortunately, this is an individual sport and I have to deal with it.”

“I needed 15 stitches in my elbow and seven over my eye,” he said. “I punched my head twice after the fight, I was so angry. But that’s nothing compared to my loss. I’m devastated.”