Lauzon on previous Boston Performance “I’m going to try to out do it,”

Get’m J-LO.  You always bring it to the table!!

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When UFC on FOX Sports 1: 1 takes center stage in Boston on August 17, Lauzon said he hoping to mimic everything he did last time, but wants fill 1,000 seats with his family and friends this time. Of course being in his own backyard comes with its perks; like shooting air rifles with his crew on fight night, sleeping in his own bed, and most importantly finding the down time to focus before the fight.

“I’m really super excited to be fighting in Boston, but at the same time it’s going to be really hard to live up to that last fight,” Lauzon said to MMA Fight Corner. “It was the first time the UFC had come to Boston. It was the first time I got to fight in the Garden. It was such an awesome fight, a pretty one-sided beating. Everybody hated Gabe. It’s a lot to live up to. I’m going to try to out do it, but it’s going to be tough.”

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