Lamas: “Jose Aldo is human just like everybody else.”

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“He doesn’t have too many holes in his game, you know, he’s the champ for a reason, he doesn’t make very many mistakes. But I think the thing that everyone has to realize is that Jose Aldo is human just like everybody else. You know he’s going to make mistakes in there. I think the guys that have fought him lost the fight before, you know, even stepping into the octagon, mentally. And I’ve also seen, kind of, Jose Aldoin the latter rounds kind of coast through the fight and do just enough to win the round and to win the fight. And you know against me, I’m not going to let him do that, I’m going to have to put pressure on him the whole, all five rounds and just make it a dirty ugly fight man, just a dog fight”.

Lamas plans on focusing on what he needs to do, not on the highlight reel that is Jose Aldo,

“Aldo punches hard, he kicks hard, I know that, I’m expecting it, I know he’s going to hit me hard and kick me hard. But I’m going to keep coming forward, I’m going to take everything he throws at me and try to give it back to him. I think that’s what you really have to do. You can’t give him space, you can’t let him implement his style of fighting, you can’t let him come forward on you. You’ve got to go forward on him you’ve got to back him up”.

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