JDS on Overeem: “Bigfoot put him on his place,”

by Eduardo Cruz | FightersOnlyMag.com

“Bigfoot put him on his place,” said dos Santos. “I no longer feel the wish to face him but I fight whomever the UFC puts in front of me. I will train aiming that guy and to be very well prepared to win.”

“The limited fighters, guys who don’t believe in themselves, who don’t dedicate to the training and don’t take it seriously are the ones who make it to call for attention. They do it to hype themselves.

“It’s not that he is bad. He is an excellent fighter and he has great accomplishments in his career. You see Sonnen making controversial statements as well but I’m not saying anything bad about him.

“Have you see Sonnen? He is an excellent athlete… but he is better as a commentator.”

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