Fight Masters Joe Riggs: “I’m not real arrogant”


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 Joe “Diesel” Riggs recently appeared on BJ Penn Radio and discussed his participation in Spike TV’s new reality TV series “Fight Master.”

“The big thing is, I don’t know if I was brought in just because I was an old face for one of their up-and-comers to beat, or if they were trying to build the show on me,” said Riggs. “I have no idea.  I had no idea going in.  By the way… I knew that I was getting a lot of air-time on the show once I was on the show, you know, when I was in the house I was followed around a lot.  But it was really, I don’t know if they were thinking about that, because I’m a real humble person in real life.  I’m not real arrogant… I, honestly, I felt like f—ing Yoda there.  They all listened to my advice even though I was, in terms of age from the youngest to the oldest on the show, I was right in the middle about.  But yeah, I felt like I was ten years older than everybody.  It was weird.”

“Because we didn’t have s— to do on the show, so you know, I’d just sit there and tell stories of funny s— that happened to me, because I have so many stories that… have been so funny in my career with big name fighters that they’re friends with.  So I was telling them that, and they loved it.  It was good.  The other fighters, I’d give them advice, and they were smart enough to listen and not take the abuse and all the bad s— that comes along with the sport.”

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