DW: “I don’t question Wanderlei Silva. “

During a recent scrum Dana White gave some more insight on why Wanderleis current health and “Champion” level demands.

transcribed by MMAMAnia.com

“Let me explain that. So, you got these two guys talking (Wanderlei and Chael) back-and-forth to each other. ‘I want to fight you, I hate you, I hate you.’ So we start talking to the guys and then Wanderlei comes back with something like, ‘Yeah, I want pay-per-view.’ Champions get pay-per-view. So, you say a few things publicly, Wanderlei and I still hadn’t talked until last night. We talked last night on the phone. I love Wanderlei Silva. Wanderlei Silva has been a warrior his whole career, he’s been amazing with us, he’s been a good guy. So, basically, Wanderlei gets back to me and says, ‘I’m not fighting unless I get pay-per-view.’ So, it looks like he’s retiring. Now, this is stuff that’s said in public. He and I will sit face-to-face and we will talk when the time is right. He can’t even fight until January. He can’t start training; he says he has something wrong with his back, sciatica, or something. Something is wrong with him right now. I wanted Wanderlei to fight months ago, but, again, this isn’t one of those situations where a guy is like, ‘I’m hurt.’ This is Wanderlei Silva. Wanderlei has been a war horse for the last how many ever years. I don’t question Wanderlei Silva. I don’t tell him he has to see this doctor. If Wanderlei Silva say he’s hurt, he can take his time. He has that respect. If it was some 22 year-old, then yeah, we would get him checked out. Wanderlei can take his time. I love Wanderlei.”

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