Boetsch: “It would be a surprise for me if he won.”

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“I’m happy for Chris that he got what he asked for, but I think he’s going to find out he should have taken a little more time to get there, a little more experience,” said Tim. “It would be a surprise for me if he won.”

It’s not that Tim doesn’t believe in “All American,” on the contrary, “The Barbarian” says Weidman has the tools necessary to pull off the upset. But, at the end of the day, it will be Silva’s championship experience that will help him take the belt back home to Brazil.

And it will stay there until Boetsch himself gets the nod to challenge the 185-pound champion and subsequently dethrone him.

“I think Weidman has the tools to do it, but with the experience and Anderson just being the greatest fighter in the world, I think he’s going to hang onto that title for a little bit longer until I get there to take it away from him.”

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