BJ Penn talks upcoming ‘TUF’ on BJPenn Radio

source | BJ Penn radio

“Next week I have to head up to the Mr. Olympia; Me and Matt Hughes are doing a promotion up there. Then we’re going to go sit down with Dana White and Lorenzo and talk story and make sure we put everything together.”


Being A Coach On TUF again:

“I do feel kind of like a little bit of a rebirth type feeling, getting another opportunity like this to be on the Ultimate Fighter and going up against somebody like Frankie Edgar. It kind of reminds me of the position that I was put in with Pulver a few years ago (TUF 5) where he beat me, then I got to go on TUF and go against him and it’s just amazing how this all got put together. But, as far as The Ultimate Fighter show goes, we’re just going to have to let that work itself out. We’re going to see what happens. I’m sure there’s going to be some fun things going on.”

What Is He Looking Forward To Most During TUF?:

“Honestly? I’m just looking forward to finishing this season and fighting. I want to fight. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

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