Ben Akren: “I’m the best wrestler in MMA,” caught up with Ben Askren before and after his recent title defense.  Here’s what was said!

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“I’m a wrestler, I’m the best wrestler in MMA,” Askren proclaimed after the fight ended. “Wrestling is, was and always has been the most dominant mixed martial art on the planet. That’s all there is to it. We all know it, some people want to fight it, some people want to doubt it, but wrestlers rule the MMA world.”

“I guess the secret’s out,” Askren answered when asked if it was indeed the final fight on his contract.   “We’ll find out, not sure.”

“You’re either the heel or the face right? For me it’s really easy to be the heel,” Askren said about his personality in MMA. “Just like some stupid people think WWE is real, some people think that the persona I play is real as well and it’s easy enough to trick them. They love you or they hate you, but either way as long as they’re not neutral about you, they’ll turn your fight on. There’s a lot of people that tuned into Spike tonight to see me get knocked out.

“The likelihood of that happening was about one percent, but there was still that chance they could have seen that happen.”

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