XFC President John Prisco: “We feel like a rock band these days”

XFC President John Prisco had an interview with MMA Inside the Cage Cyrus Fees, where predicts he will surpass the UFC.

source | mmainsidethecagetv

“We feel like a rock band these days,” related Prisco, in reference to the XFC expansion from its base in Tennessee across the Southeast.

“We are the top promotion on HDNet, hands down,” said Prisco. Other promotions appearing on HDNet Fights include Legacy, Titan, and MFC.

“The most talented fighters are the ones that haven’t been seen yet,” said Prisco. “I am not a believer that the UFC has the best talent in our industry. Our best talent is undiscovered, and we go out there and we find them.”

“Bellator is only considered above us because of the frequency of our shows… I think once our frequency of shows matches Bellator, then we past Bellator.”

“I think we are the most consistent product in the industry, we’ve shown that. So it now was time to open up my mouth and talk about the XFC.”

“I think we are going to be the #1 promotion (in five years).”