Weidman: 90% of Silva’s opponents are afraid

source | fightersonlymag.com

When I first got into MMA three years ago I would tell people what weight class I was in and people were like ‘whoa, that’s Anderson’s weight class I hope you never meet him.’ Basically looking at me like, ‘you have no chance of being champion.’ And in the back of my mind I was like, ‘You’re wrong!’ But I would never say anything because they would think I was crazy.

…And now people aren’t laughing when I say that.

I think I am stylistic nightmare for him too and you can definitely build that up. I will give him serious trouble. I am not going in like some other guy just staged, to ‘test myself’. I have been competing since I was young and I have made that mistake before, going in to see how I would do against somebody who I thought was good and then fighting out later in the match that ‘wow, I can hang with him.’

I am done with that type of attitude. I am going in there to beat him. I know I belong in there, I have proved it. I am going in there to finish him. And not just Anderson – every single fight I’ve had I am in going in there to finish. I would say 90 per cent of the guys who got in there with Anderson have been scared of him. I’m not.

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