Roy Nelson on drug testing “Either you fix it, or you don’t…”

by:Michael Anderson

Long time Mixed Martial Artist’s and The Ultimate Fighter winner Roy “Big Country” Nelson has an upcoming fight taking place at UFC 146: Mir Vs Dos Santos.  The HW card is almost guaranteed to serve up some of the most devastating knockouts in UFC history.  Nelson will pair up against Dave Herman, which will for sure be a slug fest.

MMAFighting caught up with Nelson recently.  Nelson had some thoughts about current drug testing, and how it should be that hard to handle.  He’s even offering to pay for the tests himself to ensure a fair fight.  Here is some of what he said below.

“The sport of MMA leaves a sour taste in your mouth… It pays to cheat,” said Nelson.

“I’ll take the loser, which most probably will be Frank… In this business you have to sell your soul to the devil, and that’s the only way I see him winning.

“I might have to do VADA. I may even have to pay myself for testing my next opponent. I mean I’ll do the blood tests, the whole nine yards… Who ever fights me next will have to do random blood tests, and it can even come out of my pocket if the UFC doesn’t want to pay for it… If they don’t want to test, it just shows how corrupt this sport is.”

“Either you fix it, or you don’t. You have to draw that line in the sand and your fix it. Or…”

“It really falls down on who is making all the money. If fighters are making all the money, then fighters need to come pay for it.  If it’s the promotion that makes all the money, it’s the promotion. If it’s the Athletic Commission, apparently they’re making it when they catch you. So they’re actually maybe looking for denying people for nine months, because they only fight nine months out of the year anyways.

“So it all works out.”


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