Jon Jones: “The fight is the fun part.

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“He came out with this ad that said, ‘Buy a Hendo shirt and get a free Jon Jones shirt to dry your car off with.’ You’re making fun of me, yet you got hurt and dodged a bullet? You’re sitting at home with ice on your knee and I’m here doing pushups again because I thought my camp should have been over. I have stuff to do and you’re sitting around your home playing video games, or whatever you do during the day.

“Training camps suck, bro. Training camps suck. The fight is the fun part. So I’ve got to suffer all over again, do a training camp all over again, and you’re at home, laying down, having somebody feed you soup and you’re going to make fun of me because you got hurt?

“You should shut up and be grateful you dodged a bullet.”

“There are a lot of people who still love and respect me, but right now it’s kind of cool to hate me.”

“I do something and it’s the worst thing in the world. Then when someone else does it, it’s almost OK. Chael says all this crazy stuff, but then I say something slight and it’s like, ‘Oh, that was the cockiest thing I’ve ever heard.’ Dan Henderson called me a kid 1,000 times leading up to that fight and we never even fought. I call him an old man once and the whole world was like, ‘You freakin’ age discriminator. You’re such a bad person.’

“Wow. I can’t get away with anything and everyone else does pretty much whatever they want.”

“It just comes with being me, man, it just comes with the job. People hate guys who are good what they do. It happens with all dominant teams — people want to see them lose. They can’t find anything to say about my game, so they attack personality. You’ve got to bring down the guy on top, some way, some how. Even saying this, people will be like, ‘What an arrogant bastard.’ Even though I’m just telling the truth.”

“I think a good win helps people forget about the negativity. I think it reminds people why they’re here, why I’m here. I’m not really here to be the perfect character or the perfect person people love. I’m here because I’m a great entertainer. I give you guys blood and the things you want to see. I’m here to fight for people, not for all the extra side stuff.

“I just want to reward the fans with a great fight, so they can remember why they’re all supposed to be here.”

“I thought (being offered the Belfort fight) was kind of random, but everything inside of me was like, ‘Wow, this is awesome.’  I got nervous right away. That nervous feeling is good. That means you respect the guy you’re going against.

“He’s a southpaw. I’ve only ever fought one other southpaw. He’s a former world champion and there’s the whole, ‘Who is the youngest champion of all time?’ argument. There’s so much to prove there. There’s so much awesomeness to wake up and train five days (a week) for. So it was a blessing in disguise.”

“I really want a UFC 151 ticket. I think the people who have that rare ticket, it’s not all bad. You’ve got a ticket that no one else has and you’ll always have — the weird event that never happened, the weird controversy. I’m looking for one of those tickets. I might try and buy one from a fan or something.”

“Right after I beat Vitor Belfort, it’s going to be like, ‘Man, the kid knew what he was doing. He didn’t gamble and he took a fight with later notice,’ I look at the positive. Now people in Canada get to come watch me fight again. When I look back at it, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.”

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