Fun Thought, Dana White vs Roy Nelson

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“I think me and Dana are gonna fight, I think I even offered. We’ll handle it like men, like everybody else,” Nelson told the group of reporters gathered at the same property that plays host to the TUF finale on Dec. 15.

“But at the end of the day, Dec. 15th I’m fighting Shane Carwin. He’s going to settle his beef with me and I’m gonna squash the juice with him. Pretty much if the fight happens, it happens.”

“I guess I’ve just stolen the thunder from Dana and Dana likes to be the front man and it’s switching,” Nelson said. “I don’t know, maybe there is a switch of power or something. Dana says he loves me, he hates me, he says it all. I’m confused. And all I want to do is eat because it just puts me in a depression.”

“Maybe the fight is gonna be just like how it is on TV: I coach, he doesn’t,” Nelson said,getting a rise out of a handful of reporters. “I was told ‘Hey guess who is gonna coach against you? And I thought it was gonna be Shane Carwin, but instead its Trevor Wittman.’ So I guess I’m fighting Trevor on Dec. 15.”

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