Fedor doesn’t like Dana Whites “Attitude”

by Michael Anderson | Source: FanMMA.com

“Fedor Emelianenko!!!!” Imagine hearing Bruce Buffer shout his name before a UFC main event.  Seems like that dream is farther than its ever been before.  Aside from Fedor expressing his want to retire in the near future, there continues to be issues between his management and the UFC.  Fedor believes that Dana White behaves “outrageously” .  Also feels the UFC always attempts to bypass his manager Vadim Finkelstein, which he was offended by.  Here’s what Fedor had to say.

“I would not want to work with people who behave outrageously. In public, he makes some statements out – others. I often went to the people UFC, bypassing my manager Vadim Finkelstein. I refused because I do not want to work without Vadim. I think White should change attitude towards people, maybe then people will be pulled for him “- Fedor Emelianenko.