Dana White: “Things are gonna change.”

source | InsideMMA

“I did have a gameplan and some thing that were gonna be fun. We’re still gonna do it, just not the way I was gonna do it before. Things are gonna change. I love it when guys come out, and they’re claiming that they want a shot at the title, they wanna be a world champion, and they come out, and they win convincingly. You can’t always do it. It doesn’t always happen, but the performance that I saw tonight, honestly?

Even though Boetsch won, and Boetsch is this incredible underdog that came up out of nowhere, now beating Okami and beating Lombard — this guy is gonna be ranked in a serious position now. So, good for him. He’s earned it. He deserves it, but I’m looking for guys like Weidman. Weidman comes out and destroys the number two, number three guy in the world and is ready to fight anybody, anytime, anywhere. He took the Demian Maia fight on short notice and cut 30 pounds to get ready for it, and I was looking at this thing, and every fight can’t be the fight you expect it to be, but that was nothing I expected.”

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