Dana White: “Is this the fight u guys want to see?”

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A UGer recently posted a hopeful message to UFC President Dana White about making a monumentally theoretical fight between Brock Lesnar and Fedor.

Can Dana sign Brock vs. Fedor?
From: hmb
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Brock is a warrior and would be a HUGE favorite. I know he would come back for this fight.
Fedor loves his freak show fights and would have a dominant punching edge.
Brock vs. Fedor would destroy all PPV #’s past and present.
Can Dana make the biggest fight in UFC history happen? This card could also feature GSP’s return, and the first girl fight. Rousey v Carano?

White replied:

From: dfw jr
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Is this the fight u guys want to see? Post a thread asking if people want to see this fight.

An alert UGer posted the question:

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In the other thread about Brock vs fedor, dfw asked to start a thread and see if people want to still see this fight. He might be completely joking, but if there’s even a slight chance he’s serious…….hell yes I would love to still see this fight
So do you want to see Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko?

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