Chael Sonnen: “…He acts like I’ve never had a jaw set before.”

Chael Sonnen had an interview with ESPN, here are some more of his ranting to add the archives. These were in response to the verbal onslaught that Anderson Silva recently dished out.  ENJOY!

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“He says he’s going to knock out my teeth and break my jaw and break my head and all this,” Sonnen said. “He acts like I’ve never been to the orthodontist.

“I’ve fought 49 men, all professionals. He acts like I’ve never had a jaw set before. He acts like I’ve never had my head stapled shut in an emergency room before.

“Who gives a damn? He can do all those things.” he added. “But one thing he didn’t say is that he’s going to beat me. One thing he didn’t say he’d break is my will. One thing he didn’t say he’d do is win this fight. We’ll be in the middle of a cage stupid; I’d expect you to do those things.”

Silva (31-4) and Sonnen will meet in a middleweight title bout July 7 at UFC 148 in Las Vegas. It will be the second fight between them.  In their previous bout at UFC 117 on Aug. 7, 2010, Silva retained his 185-pound belt with a fifth-round armbar triangle.

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