BOOM! Chris Weidman! now 5-0 in UFC

Chris Weidman! Get used to the name because he is a beast.  Since his UFC Debut in March of 2011 Chris has gone 5-0, working his way up the Middle weight division. Chris hasn’t had an easy run either, taking home wins against Alessio Sakara, Jesse Bongfeldt, Tom Lawlor, Demian Maia, and Mark Munoz. He has proven that he belongs in the UFC.

His most recent win against Mark Munoz was delivered in devastating fashion.  He dominated the first round by keeping Mark on the ground with supreme wrestling. Only 1min 37sec into the second round Chris countered a right hand with Highlight-reel (gif below) elbow that ended Munoz.   After the fight Chris expressed interest in fighting the champ, but he might need another fight before he gets that one.  In case it wasn’t apparent, that is MOST DEFIANTLY a late stoppage. Since Josh Rosenthal has proven to be one of the better ref in the past I’m going to let this slide… i guess.


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