Bonnar: ” It’s no pressure on me”


“The odds are stacked against and no one’s giving me a chance and I kind of like it that way. It’s no pressure on me,” Bonnar stated. “I just know what I can do. I’m not the type that’s always fixed on outcomes. I’m more of the type that asks God to give me the strength to do my absolute best in there. I mean look at every fight I’ve ever had, always had, I’ve been hit with lots of big shots, but I get up and keep coming.”

For Bonnar, making it further than Forrest did against Silva isn’t his concern. He just wants to carry on like any warrior would and hopes to give Silva the fight of his life. “I’m not to fixed on the outcome so much. I’m just going to give him hell and give him everything I’ve got in there and do my absolute best. And we’ll see, that can lead to a victory,” said Bonnar.

Since fighting Griffin in the TUF 1 finale, Bonnar said nothing has topped that for him, until now. ”It’s a defining moment of my whole life,” Bonnar explained. “This is like the culmination of it all. I really think it’s all meant to be, it’s perfect it really is. It feels like all the stars are aligning just like it did on that magical night for the UFC back when I fought Forrest for the first time. I could shock the world.”

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