Bisping: ” I feel I’m in my prime”

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This isn’t UK vs. America. This is Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann. It’s an individual sport and come the 22nd of September, I’m going to individually kick the crap out of Brian Stann. When he was in basic training shining his boots, I was in the UFC kicking ass.

“I’m getting better and better with every fight, I’m maturing as a fighter, I feel I’m in my prime, and I’m ready to beat Brian Stann and then take that title.

“He’s not training as hard as me, he can’t train as hard as me. I’ve done this my whole life. Regardless of where the fight takes place, Sept. 22 I’m coming for him, and he knows that.”

“He’s got decent punching power, and that’s what I’ve got to watch for. I can punch pretty hard myself.
If he thinks I can’t knock him out, then the guy is f—- crazy.

“I want my shot. People have had their shot. Others have had their shot, stepped in their and fallen over with a little slap. I won’t do that, I’ll turn up to fight. Anderson Silva will be in the fight of his life when we fight, and we will fight. I will beat Brian Stann and I will fight Anderson Silva.”


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